It’s Gonna be a LOOOOONG Weekend!

What to do now?


I’m done writing the complete draft for my university thesis and will be turning it in tomorrow morning, April 26. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my aching shoulders, but of course it’s not the only burden I have to deal with. However, it just so happens the Philippines will be hosting the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and because of that, work and classes for most places in the country’s capital were cancelled to ease Metro Manila’s road traffic congestion. My university has suspended classes from April 27-28, making it a five-day long weekend from April 27-May 1. Sounds like heaven, huh? And it’s my chance to finally take a break from my thesis.

Now, ever since the Easter Triduum (April 13-16), I have been aching to go on a long ride out of town, out of the capital and into the outskirts of Luzon. I’d go and travel even if I have to go alone, and I’m even eyeing some destinations including Baler in the province of Aurora, Baguio City, and San Juan, La Union.

Baler, Aurora| photo courtesy of
Sunset in Baguio City| photo courtesy of
Beach in San Juan, La Union| photo courtesy of

Apparently, I really want to see the beach. I want to see the Pacific Ocean particularly, and my number one option, Baler, is the place for that. Have I mentioned that I grew up in a town right beside the Pacific? Yeah, that’s the reason why I’m itching to see the open sea again. For the past few years, I’ve been cooped up in building walls and city streets.

But I know that going on an out-of-town trip over the long weekend would cost me a lot. I would need at least a thousand pesos for transportation alone and I don’t have that much at hand. So I’m thinking, should I just stay at home and wallow in existential dread all day for five days? Or should I use the money I could have spent traveling in buying a video game and playing it? For me, traveling and gaming are both experiences worth spending on. Besides, I also have a handful of anime series I got from a friend which I can binge-watch over the weekend!

Well, I deceive myself. I really, really, really want to go on a long ride away from home. My mind has been set on it and I’m long past the point of being able to convince myself otherwise. The song, ‘Wanderlust’ by David Sylvian has been playing on loop in my head…

“Travel light, don’t think twice
We’re leaving the shadows behind.
It’s given us, yeah
This wonderful wanderlust.
It’s given us this wonderful wanderlust.”