Malory as Ryuu Sasakura! [drink mixing 1]

I made my first cocktail!


I’ve just began reading the ‘Bartender’ manga three days ago. All those mixing of spirits had me fascinated; so today, I resolved to make something from the vodka and red wine we have at home.

I looked up recipes and found one cocktail that’s quite simple to make and has no other ingredients apart from those I have at hand. It’s called “Brutal Hammer”, and here’s the recipe based on


You read it right! You really gotta pray to god!


So since I’m bored and home alone, I resolved to make my first cocktail!

  • I’ve drunk much of the vodka, so I calculated the 7:5oz ratio to fit a mix with at least 4 oz vodka and came up with a 4.2:3 oz ratio;
  • Took a hospital measuring cup;
I know it’s lame, but it’s all I got
  • Poured 4.2oz of vodka (which was just enough to drain my bottle) into the measuring cup and into the glass;
  • Poured 3oz of red wine into the measuring cup and into the glass;
  • [THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT] Prayed the Apostle’s Creed (if not Catholic, other prayers will do);

Here’s my “Brutal Hammer” y’all!


I’m not a pro at bartending or liquor-tasting for that matter, but I believe I made a decent job. It does live up to its name. I’ve finished my glass writing this. If I were to describe the taste I would say it’s like your professor or boss who’s diplomatically commanding you to do something you’re not willing to do. Hahaha! Man, I need to hit the sack now.

Anyway, this post just goes to show what reading manga leads me to do. But making cocktails seems fun! When I’m rich enough, I may take it up as a hobby, and when I do, I hope you’d be there to taste ’em! LOL my ambitions get the better of me.

What’s in a name?

“Hi! I’m…” and why whatever follows is important.

Hey there! Call me Malory, or Mal if three syllables are too much. That’s not the name in my birth certificate, that’s just the name I chose for myself. Knowledge of my birth name is only for family, close friends, employers and other people who have seen my official documents. Maybe if you’re a good enough stalker researcher, you would know too.

Speaking of names, what’s in a name? Particularly, what’s in your name? This is like one of the most common existential questions out there. I say so because a name holds your identity.When you tell someone your name, you tell them the title of your life’s book; you tell them the label for that particular area in their brains where all the information they know or would come to know about you shall be stored.

Let me tell you about my favorite anime, ‘Monster’. If you’reĀ  not familiar with it, it’s the story of a Japanese neurosurgeon working in Germany who, against the command of his superior, performed neurosurgery on a child with a bullet through his

The monster without a name
brain. Years later, he realizes that the child is what the anime has referred to as “namae no nai kaibutsu” or the “monster without a name” [not to be confused with the song by EGOIST]. The child grew up to be a psychopath who manipulates and murders people and gets away with it by switching to different identities like how artists change costumes during concerts. In other words, the child knows he has no real identity to pin him down or give him purpose, so he goes around Europe playing his nasty games.

I’m telling you about this anime not only to get you to watch it [though please watch it uwu], I also want to convey the impact of names on people’s personality. There are cases, for example, wherein the name does not match the personality. It may not matter much to most people, but sometimes, it could be bothering the bearer of that name. For one, my birth name does bother me. Not to be ungrateful towards my parents (the name they gave me is unique and beautiful), but I don’t think it suits the person who has grown with that name. Hence, I chose to be called Malory. Though it means “unfortunate”, Malory is the name of the English writer who compiled ‘Le Morte d’Arthur’, and I’ve always liked Arthurian tales since I was little.

So yeah, what’s in a name? The answer is everything about you. So to parents out there, please give the utmost thoughts when deciding on baby names!