Things Took a Turn

Or rather, they didn’t.


Remember when I posted about traveling during the long weekend? Well, guess what? I’m typing this in my room at 12:30am of a Sunday midnight. I didn’t get to travel out of Metro Manila. So what did I do all those days?

One thing I did was drop my phone into a bucket full of water on Thursday night. I did that legendary first-aid of putting it in our rice dispenser over night. It worked, until the display began to fail and then it failed altogether. I went to the repair center on Friday and my phone is still there until now. You see, that’s the main impediment to my travel plans. I won’t go out there with no means to readily contact my loved ones! Also, music is very important to me while on a trip. I rely a lot on my auditory senses and hearing music helps me remember moments more vividly. All my music is in my phone, so it’s just useless to travel without it.

So yeah, here I am, goofing around at home as usual. It all turned into a stay-cation I guess. *sigh* At least I don’t get to spend money on anything.

Author: Malory Columbretis

College student who looks into the abyss too often. Prone to bouts of nihilism and apathy. Channels frustration and fascination in life through writing.

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