Moana and the Austronesian

I’ve already seen Moana TWICE! And I’m gonna go see it with my parents tomorrow for the third time. I wanted to make a post about it here, but I’m caught up between…stuff… so here’s a highly informative post! I couldn’t do any better than this.

The Daily Opium


I had previously written about the Austronesian expansion with respect to the peopling of the Philippines, but given recent events, I felt compelled to write more about this fascinating subject. Beyond the Philippines, the migration of people across the sea from our lands (from either Taiwan or Island Southeast Asia, or ISEA) to as far as Madagascar to the West and Hawaii or Easter Island is a great feat of the human race, even if academic opinion is split on how it happened. And perhaps a Disney film released in November 2016 became an unexpected catalyst that brought about renewed public interest. It goes without saying that this discussion may involve mild spoilers of the film in question.

Disney’s latest animated feature is Moana, a narrative about a girl from an island in the Pacific on an adventure in the vast ocean, aided by a demi-god from Polynesian lore…

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Author: Malory Columbretis

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